$2.18 today in Grand Rapids? Time to fill up!

Comment on the January 12 prediction: Prices drifted lower last week, so the prediction was CORRECT.

Wednesday, January 23, 2020, 3PM: Wow, $2.18 on the Fuller St. corridor in Grand Rapids today, while wholesale prices haven’t gone anywhere in more than a week. I am estimating a 0-cent margin price of $2.28, and that’s where we are at on Lake Michigan Drive. So, a good chance for a price reset in the next 24-48 hours, in the neighborhood of $2.59. Fill up! -EA

Updated: January 22, 2020 — 2:33 pm


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  1. prices continuing to drift lower in NW ohio..starting to see sub $2.50 in places- however the falling oil & spot prices might accelerate the falling prices at the pump which usually triggers a spike. Right now filling up often, and each time a few cents less than the time before…

  2. Filled up for $2.039 in Fairfield, Ohio last night. Speedway keeps overshooting on their spikes, and they keep failing.

  3. I used $1.00 off in Kroger points and filled everything up last Tuesday evening when gas was $2.23, which is looking a bit premature. Prices in Lansing have continued to fall and one Kroger in the area is now down to $2.11. The Kroger closest to where I live is still $2.33, so for some reason there is a pretty big range in the immediate area, which is unusual.

  4. If they want to attempt a spike, they might better hurry. This virus might keep oil prices subdued for a bit, and if it looks like it might extend for a while, it seems experts are predicting a pretty decent dip in demand, even if it is only temporary.

  5. $1.989 in West Chester/Liberty Township Ohio last night. Glorious.

  6. still around 2.40-2.45 most of NW Ohio area and some eye watering 2.60 plus prices still in places !. hoping the falling oil and spot prices may push things down quickly this week given its almost time for the winter blend clear-out which normally happens mid February onward it seems

  7. East Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti saw a reset last night from $2.17/$2.23 to $2.49. We’ll see how that goes.

  8. Fort Wayne also saw a spike over the last day or so to $2.49 from the $2.15-2.27 range. Even Murphy Oil bought into this one right away.

  9. $1.959 and less in Butler County, Ohio right now.

  10. 2.49 increase in NW Indiana yesterday. As usual lead by Family Express

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