And I Ran … Towards Higher Gas Prices

Comment on the June 3 prediction: Pretty much CORRECT, other than that weird hike on June 17.

Sunday, June 23, 2019, Noon: A lot of cross-currents in oil and gas prices as we move into official summer. In the past week, oil and wholesale gas prices soared, due to Iran tensions and that big refinery fire in Philadelphia. But, retail gas prices were inflated after last Monday’s hike, so we didn’t get a second hike at the end of the week. Going into Monday, though, we are probably setting up for a system-wide reset. In western Michigan, we have retail prices in a wide range — $2.29 (in Holland) to $2.79 (in parts of Grand Rapids). I predict we’ll see a hike into the $2.89-$2.99 range, maybe as soon as Monday.

Also, here’s a news report featuring Gas Game veteran Patrick DeHaan: “Why gas prices jump for no apparent reason”.  -EA

Updated: June 23, 2019 — 12:38 pm


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  1. These spikes keep failing. You’d think Big Red would learn. Filled up for $2.27 at the local Thornton’s yesterday.

  2. Gas is going up to $2.89 in MI today

  3. $3.15/3.25 spike in Chicagoland after wholesale rose a nickel Friday whereas spot had fallen 6.5c.

    (4th try to post this)

  4. Michigan 2.89
    2nd try

  5. Think we just had a mini hike to 2.899 around Kazoo last night…

  6. Mike, Ypsi-Ann Arbor went to $2.95 yesterday but a couple are down to $2.89 as of this morning. I filled up at $2.45 prior to the hike.

  7. Most of the Lansing area spiked to $2.89 beginning yesterday.

  8. In Southwest Ohio The Thursday spike worked so well that they decided to do it again today, this time to $2.799.

  9. South Bend IN – Speedway spike +0.34 to $2.79 today. It had just dropped to $2.45 by ND this morning.

    Filled up at Costco yesterday for $2.40. SBN avg was 2.54.

    Niles MI Speedway also 2.79. WMT $2.41

  10. Indy area also had a late day spike to $2.799.

  11. Looks like Indianapolis spiking to $2.79. No alerts yet but multiple stations I watch have increased from $2.50’s to $2.79 this morning.

  12. Here in IL a 19 cent gas increase kicked in. Speedway just added 19c to each stations price since we weren’t in hike territory before the increase. There was and is a 45c spread in Speedway prices. Might be room for a leveling hike if spot jumps enough today and tomorrow.

  13. Thank you Greedway for giving us the holiday hike that you don’t ever do… 2.959 in Kazoo area

  14. $2.959 in Ohio. Greedway strikes again.

  15. Oil down 5% today perfect time for a spike…oh wait it just did lol.

  16. South Bend IN – Speedway spike up about .20 today to 2.85. Also 2.85 in Niles MI.
    Costco & Admiral $2.54 still

  17. and this morning close to work..the speedway stands empty at 2.959..across the street the circle K dropped to 2.629 from 2.699 last night..lined with cars

  18. Up 40 cents the day before…just a normal Thursday. Well, we were only about 15 to 18 cents above the spike line, so see? It had nothing to do with it being the Wednesday before a Thursday. Just a regular Thursday. Nothing special about it….

  19. After spiking to $2.99 a couple of days ago in the Ann Arbor-Ypsi area, most stations have dropped at least .20 today.

  20. Many stations have dropped .20/gal since yesterday. We’re about where we were prior to the hike. Some are lower than pre-spike.

  21. Within 48 hours of spiking to $2.959, lots of $2.599-$2.699 was to be had.

  22. Going up to $3.19/3.29 today in Chicagoland. Monday seems to be the go to day here. Last real hike was 2 weeks ago plus a 19c adjustment last Monday that just covered the tax increase.

  23. South Bend IN spiking to $2.85 today. No gas buddy alert.
    Speedway by ND had gone down to $2.70. Costco $2.59
    Niles MI Speedway at $2.63 along with Walmart.

  24. Indianapolis is up to $2.85 as well. No Meijer text this time.

  25. 2.99 in Kazoo area now…

  26. $2.999 in Ohio yesterday.

  27. $2.99 Anderson/Muncie Indiana

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