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Comment on the May 27 prediction: A big WRONG, due to “multiple pipeline woes”. We got a hike to $2.99.

Monday, June 3, 2019, 7PM: Wow, what a hit to oil and gas prices in the past two weeks! A barrel of oil has fallen from $63 to $53, and gas prices are starting to notice. $2.49 at the Speedway in Comstock Park?! Sounds about right, and prices elsewhere should head that way this week. The only chance of a hike is, umm, more “multiple pipeline woes”. -EA

Updated: June 3, 2019 — 6:56 pm


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  1. a few spots NW ohio touching 2.60 this morning..but many still above a nice 55-60c margin still

  2. Wholesale in Chicago has now dropped 35 cents in the 6 days since the spike that triggered the hike. Sweet days for Speedway and the competitors who can control themselves.

  3. Finally seeing a nice drop in prices. We’re down to $2.59 now outside Muncie which was $2.85 earlier in the week

  4. 2.79 hike LaPorte county and 2.99 NW Indiana

    Family express leading it as usual

  5. Indy area spiking to $2.699.

  6. $2.659 in Ohio, as oil and RBOB crater…..

  7. Many stations in the Greater Cincinnati area never budged. They are in the $2.40s or less including a Costco and Kroger in the Springdale/Woodlawn area under $2.30. The ill advised attempt to fatten the margins near $1.00 is going down in flames here.

  8. not in some areas NW ohio rt 20 corridor..still lots of 2.70 + around though some places down to around 2.50- so in some places still a nice fat 50c plus margin. mind you some places raised from 2.499 to 2.659 thursday but are straight back to 2.499 again saturday. still filling up only when needed and shopping around for sure

  9. Must be more refinery issues. At least impacting Chicago RFG blend which wholesale jumped 14 cents Friday evening (axxis petro report). Looking for a hike to $3,09 momentarily. 🙁

  10. Mid-Michigan appears to be spiking to $2.85. Lovely

  11. Yep. Totally skipped the normal 30-35 cent hike by Greedway. Hit for the fence this time with a 54 cent hike. Haven’t gotten one penny from me since I found this site a few years ago…

  12. 2.69 spike in Indy. I suspect a two hike week. I hope I’m wrong.

  13. Saw a $2.24 in Fort Wayne…guess that’s gone now

  14. And yet our hike never came today here in Chicagoland! Speedway continue to cut prices despite the fact that according to my calculation the average Speedway in this market started the day losing several cents a gallon.

  15. 2.99 in Lake and Porter Counties
    2.69 in LaPorte County
    Increase lead by Family express

  16. I hope prices come back down. I have a 30 cent Kroger discount I have to use by the end of the month. I hope I didn’t blow my opportunity. I was expecting prices to keep falling.

  17. Crude up about 6% today on the drone shoot down. I’m sure the Big Red execs are plotting their next 30-40 cent jump at the pumps

  18. spike in parts NW ohio — well at least for those stations less than 2.65 a gallon as thats what its back to..gotta keep that 50c plus margin as no doubt spot prices racing up today

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