Month: June 2019

And I Ran … Towards Higher Gas Prices

Comment on the June 3 prediction: Pretty much CORRECT, other than that weird hike on June 17.

Sunday, June 23, 2019, Noon: A lot of cross-currents in oil and gas prices as we move into official summer. In the past week, oil and wholesale gas prices soared, due to Iran tensions and that big refinery fire in Philadelphia. But, retail gas prices were inflated after last Monday’s hike, so we didn’t get a second hike at the end of the week. Going into Monday, though, we are probably setting up for a system-wide reset. In western Michigan, we have retail prices in a wide range — $2.29 (in Holland) to $2.79 (in parts of Grand Rapids). I predict we’ll see a hike into the $2.89-$2.99 range, maybe as soon as Monday.

Also, here’s a news report featuring Gas Game veteran Patrick DeHaan: “Why gas prices jump for no apparent reason”.  -EA

That’s More Like It

Comment on the May 27 prediction: A big WRONG, due to “multiple pipeline woes”. We got a hike to $2.99.

Monday, June 3, 2019, 7PM: Wow, what a hit to oil and gas prices in the past two weeks! A barrel of oil has fallen from $63 to $53, and gas prices are starting to notice. $2.49 at the Speedway in Comstock Park?! Sounds about right, and prices elsewhere should head that way this week. The only chance of a hike is, umm, more “multiple pipeline woes”. -EA (c) 2017 Frontier Theme