Too Cold To Hike Prices? No.

Comment on Monday’s prediction: Kind of hard to raise prices in the Midwest, when no one is driving and buying gas. But tomorrow is Friday …

Thursday, January 31, 2019, 7PM: I’ve been watching oil prices rally all week, and then Midwestern wholesale gas prices, now Valero stock has gotten into the act, up a lot this week. Meanwhile, prices have dipped below $2 in a number of places, well below the 0-cent margin price. I recommend filling up Friday morning, predicting a price hike on Friday or Saturday (or best case Monday), in the neighborhood of $2.39. -EA

Updated: January 31, 2019 — 6:36 pm


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  1. $2.29 increase in NW Indiana already occurred on Wednesday.

  2. Ohio went to $2.25/2.299 yesterday. Wind chill was -30 at the time…..

  3. Ours came Monday as a snowstorm was winding down. I don’t think the weather factors into these hikes at all.

  4. Meijer, Kroger and Big Red all up 20-22 cents to $2.06-$2.07 SE of Ann Arbor overnight.

  5. Back down to $1.899 in some spots in Toledo, and other places are up around $2.199.

    Can’t last long, particularly if the news starts blabbing about the price per gallon tomorrow morning! (That’s GREEDway’s cue to pounce!)

  6. $2.399 spike in Indiana and Indianapolis area.

  7. South Bend IN – Going to $2.399 here also today. I think it was $2.13 at Speedway by ND this morning.
    Costco $2.05

  8. Northern Ohio to $2.259 – $2.299.

    The Southwest corner of Ohio once again gets the premium price of $2.399 and is bringing Columbus along for the ride this time.

  9. Can confirm @Bearcat500–$2.259 is the new floor in Toledo, with $2.399 in the Findlay area, ~35 miles or so to the south.

    It was fun while it lasted! ????

  10. 2.39 in Kazoo area

  11. just past a speedway nw ohio rt 20 area that went from 2.359 last night to 2.059 this morning, and lot other areas last night dropped to 2.15-2.20 range
    is this the drop before another big spike?
    or seem to recall in previous years a mid February ‘fire sale’ on winter blend gas as I suspect refineries are gearing up for summer blend – after all the groundhog predicted an early spring , which is a good business model for the refineries…..

  12. The other shoe is set to drop in Ohio. Since Ohio pays 13+ cents less in gas tax than Indiana and Michigan the law makers are making overtures to have a gas tax increase.

    What they are proposing is a small increase presently but is this the start of the slippery slope on the road to the same level as Indiana and Michigan gas taxes? And if SW Ohio is already being socked with a little extra on the price hikes with this remain in effect with the increases in the gas tax.

    Topped off at our UDF in Dent last night. Tuesday it was $2.399, Friday I got it for $2.019. Crazy.

  13. Greedway jumping to 2.35 just west of Kazoo

  14. Another complete failure of a spike in sw Ohio. $2.399 didn’t hold. Got gas for $1.999 last night.

  15. Speedway moving to 2.459 in Michigan.

  16. Yep, Greedway in Kazoo just went to 2.459

  17. $2.299 / $2.399 spike in Indianapolis / Indy suburbs.

  18. 2.45/2.55 in Chicagoland today as anticipated. A fair # had dropped below $2 the last few days. Not sure we’ll see that again for a while.

  19. Much of Ohio up to $2.299 to $2.359.

    Gasbuddy is saying Cincinnati is hiking to $2.359 but every station I’ve seen so far has raised the price to $2.399.

  20. Back to $2.399 in sw Ohio again. Wonder if this spike will fail as miserably as the last three or four have……

  21. Spot was up 11c or so last week so expecting $2.559 in Chicagoland as soon as tomorrow.

  22. Many stations SE of Ann Arbor have dropped .10-.15 from the spike to $2.39 late last week. Costco/Sam’s never left $1.93.

  23. $2.559 popping up in Michigan.

  24. Be knocking on 3.00 by Easter at this rate

  25. $2.59/2.69 in Chicagoland

  26. $2.359 at all the Toledo-area GREEDways.

  27. $2.459 in sw Ohio. Yay!!! Once again we get boned worse than the rest of the state.

  28. I had an appointment in Sharonville in late afternoon and passed the UDF on Kemper and Lebanon ($2.079). A couple hours later I went past and they put the $2.499 numbers up.

    I ended up topping off at Speedway up the street at $2.099. Yes, Speedway, the brand station I swore to push my car past rather than pumping gas there. The last few times it was UDF and not GREEDway being the spike leader. Ironically the past couple years UDF have been building gasoline palaces/ice cream emporiums. I guess they need to generate revenue to build these from somewhere.

  29. $2.459 / $2.499 spike starting in Indianapolis / Indy suburbs.

  30. South Bend IN – Speedway by ND went from $2.28 to $2.55 yesterday. Costco $2.09

  31. More Ohio Gas Tax talk. DeWine wants an 18 cent tax hike in the gas tax which amounts to a 64% hike in the Ohio gas tax. This is to pay for pot hole repairs.

    Sure! Why not. Lets send another 18 cents per gallon to Neverland.

  32. Spike failed again in Cincy. Lots of $2.259 and under to be found. Most stations came back down within 36 hours of going up

  33. I filled up for $2.12 yesterday in Fort Wayne. I wouldn’t be surprised to see prices touch $2.75 by the end of March as they always take off like a rocket this time of year in Big Red country

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