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Wednesday, March 28, 2018, 8:00PM: Prices are rising in parts of Indiana right now, to $2.79. Although we aren’t quite in “price hike range” in Michigan, they have been aggressive recently, so I think we’ve got a better than 50/50 chance of a hike to $2.89 on Thursday or Friday. I’m going to fill up on Thursday, just in case. -EA

Updated: March 28, 2018 — 7:52 pm


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  1. Had a half hearted attempt at a spike in Indiana last week to $2.69. Didn’t stick. Thank goodness they didn’t go for the big prize and spike it to $2.79 before a not-a-holiday-but-an-awful-lot-of-people-are-driving-for- some-reason-this-weekend weekend.

  2. same in ohio..the 2.599 spikers Tuesday have retreated to 2.499 by Thursday night. a few who didn’t join in are still 2.35-2.40. shopping around

  3. Gas is going up to $2.83/gal today in Michigan (Not a typo on price)????

  4. Wonder if the strategy is price it at a three and people won’t notice the hike as fast?

  5. I barely made it Kroger here in mid-Michigan. It doesn’t seem to be a very well coordinated hike. Some places are going to $2.79, while others are going to $2.83

  6. spotted an attempt again spike in parts NW ohio..Speedway led to 2.679..totally odd price
    stations that spiked were around 2.50
    lot still at 2.599
    filled up at 2.399 on way home from work

    see if this one sticks

  7. Just for amusement Speedway hiked to a price ending 7 rather than 9 or 5 today over in Chicagoland. $2.87/2.97

  8. South Bend IN – Spike to $2.75 this afternoon. Speedway by ND was 2.59 this morning.
    Filled up at Costco for $2.47. SBN avg was $2.62

  9. SW Ohio continuing its trend of spiking higher than the rest of the state. $2.699.
    I thought the higher RVP requirement for sw Ohio was dropped. Why are we still spiking higher?

  10. $2.79 in GR today

  11. I’m seeing no indication of a spike in Grand Rapids yet as of 1:45pm

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