Go to Lowell. Buy gas for $2.20. Win the Gas Game!

Comment on the February 11 prediction: Prices dropped slowly but surely last week, so CORRECT.

Monday, February 19, 2018, 8:30PM: I would fill up tomorrow morning. We’ve seen retail prices continue to drop, while wholesale prices have started climbing again in tandem with the last week’s recovery in the stock market. Seems we are at the price hike point. I predict at least $2.59 a gallon in the next day or two. ($2.20 in Lowell this evening!) -EA

Updated: February 19, 2018 — 8:24 pm


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  1. Quite a few stations in Holland, MI are $2.19/gal. The pilot truckstop in Ionia was $2.19 on Sunday now they went up to $2.29/gal today. Wish I was near Alma, MI where Several stations are at $1.99/gal!

  2. Gas is going up to $2.59/gal today In Michigan.

  3. Looks like prices did spike in parts of Ohio. Several stations I saw over the weekend in the $2.06-2.19 range are all at $2.45 this morning.

  4. I don’t want to jinx this, but SE MI still hasn’t seen the price reset that Taurus mentioned a few days ago. The stations around me are running $2.26/$2.27 per gallon.

  5. Speedway hike to $2.599 in the Indianapolis area.

  6. Competition must be getting stiffer. Last few price cycles seem to have more than usual refusing to spike upwards in tandem. Getting easier to shop out of the cycle in Indiana.

  7. Ohio is spiking to $2.559.

  8. Going up to 2.65 in Kazoo

  9. Anyone know of a “good” reason for the spike to 2.65 in Kalamazoo yesterday? Price didn’t get close to being down to the spike line from last weeks jump, then it jumps again yesterday.

  10. Going to $2.559 or $2.599 in Northwest Ohio. A Kroger near me was the canary in the coal mine, and GREEDway has followed suit.

    (I imagine that some prices in Toledo might have gone below $2.099 before the spike! What in the name of all that is good and holy are the factors that require a fifty-cent overnight jump, other than GREED?!

  11. $2.599 in sw Ohio. Paid $2.099 at Kroger this morning. No Kroger points.

  12. Yesterday the stations around me jumped to $2.559. Today some of the same stations decided to go the extra 4 cents to $2.599. I guess they must have fat-fingered their profit margin.

  13. I received the Meijer alert but Gas Buddy still shows prices falling in Indy.

  14. Hike to $2.659 in Indy.

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