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We’ve added a new function to the site — a forum to connect with other GasGamers and engage in on-going conversations on gas prices.  You can see the button up on the right side of the menu bar on the main page.  This forum is in addition to the commenting feature for individual posts (which we accidentally turned off for a few days — sorry!), and we hope to see you there!  I just started a new thread. — Ed A.

Updated: January 8, 2018 — 8:00 pm


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  1. 2.599 spike showing in Ohio..lot places that’s only a 10c increase. Spot continues to rise though….

  2. 2.79 popping up at Speedways in Grand Rapids

  3. South Bend IN Speedway by ND going from $2.33 to $2.69 today

  4. Big Red leading the charge (imagine that!) to $2.69 in Anderson, IN

    With crude nearing $65 bucks a barrel and climbing day after day, I imagine we’ll see $3.00-$3.25 gas when the run up happens during the summer blend switch

  5. In SE MI we’re sitting at a Spot Price of $1.79 and local average of $2.77. Where I’m at, SE of Ann Arbor, the prices vary by over .50. Stations to my east never spiked and sit mostly at $2.59 (a few are a couple cents below that) while those that I frequent did reset to $2.79. A handful of them have dropped a dime as of this morning with the exception of Kroger. There are three stations within a half mile of each other on the same street, Meijer, Big Red and Kroger. Meijer is one that dropped to $2.69, Big Red stayed pat but Kroger upped the ante to $3.09, $1.30 over Spot/.53 over the Spike Line.

  6. Dodged a bullet here in Chicagoland today. Now spot down 7 cents should push the hike back to next week.

  7. same in NW ohio rt 20 corridor.few places touching 2.40 so that was 7c below spike Thursday but back to even today..lot places still 2.50 plus though so if sport continues to creep down Monday & Tuesday it may save up from next week

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