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  1. No spike in Indy yet as of Monday afternoon.

  2. I filled up both vehicles for $2.10 as well as the 5 gal gas can for the riding lawn mower. I read where decertifying the Iran nuclear deal may cause crude to spike. Hoping that won’t have much bearing on spot prices

  3. South Bend IN – Speedway leading the charge to $2.49 now, time to visit Costco for $2.16.
    SBN average was $2.29

  4. think the spot jump today seals tomorrows Ohio spike..just filled up at an unheard of -28c to spike.it cannot go on..2.499 at least tomorrow..surley?..and that dosnt give a great deal of margin either

  5. and off we go 2.499 Ohio..speedway leads the charge again

  6. Looks like grand rapids is going up,. Spotted 2.59 on plainfield , even though 2.19 meijers dropped this morning,…

  7. Yup! Greedway let the squrrils out again. Get it while you can,..
    fill err up or the grass cutter will go without,..It was too good to
    be true at 2.19 or 2.24,. the temptation was just too great for them…

  8. About a dime under in Fort Wayne. Thursday?

  9. It doesn’t happen very often, Rufus.

  10. 30 cent jump to $2.59 in Yorktown IN led by Big Red of course

  11. $2.65 tonight in Grand Rapids, MI

  12. ohio probably next..local NW ohio corridor drop to 2.289 tonight ..so 2.599 coming here friday looks like

  13. Does anyone know if we’ve switched to winter blend fuel yet? In years past the switch has always been made in September or early October, but I can’t find any info if the change has happened or not. Spot sure seems high, I thought for sure we’d start a downward trickle towards the end of the year, but we’re going in the opposite direction

  14. Anyone know what’s going on with Chicago Spot? Squirrels on the run again?

  15. ohio finally joining in..2.559 spreading
    saw lots of 2.299’s at the weekend..but a lot of 2.399’s also so a 15-25c jump

  16. Spot must think there’s another hurricane or tornado somewhere. It’s up over 4 cents and mid-day to $1.8765.

    I smell $2.79 this week coming if this keeps up. Ed A or Tim S….is there a secret project at BP Whiting happening we don’t know about??

  17. Paid $2.249 this morning. That 35-cent jump is going to catch a lot of people off guard.

  18. Correction…spot up 1.75 cents mid-day to $1.83

  19. Cincy actually went to $2.599. More RVP shenanigans? I thought we were on Winter blend…

  20. $2.559 spreading through metro Toledo.

    Interestingly, the GREEDway at the end of my street is still $2.279!

    It seems like the winter gas has made it into the system, as my MPGs plummeted on my last tank! (Honda MPG suffers on that garbage, if four cars’ experIence over 22 years is any indication!)

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