Month: May 2017

Missed Hikes in May Suggest A Grab For Higher Profits

Comment the April 30 prediction and May action:  Although the original prediction was CORRECT, we have had two price resets on the 10th and the 18th that I have completely missed, hence WRONG.

May 20, 2017, 5:00PM:  Suddenly, our game strategy isn’t working.  The price hikes in May have both come with retail prices at least 15 cents away from where I would predict a hike was coming.  The first hike was rather mild — 9 cents in Michigan on the 10th.  The second one this week was a more intense — 17 cents.  Based on the new prices, it looks like Big Red and his friends are trying to move the window to better margins.  Maybe this will work this time, but in past years, ye old Gas Game kicks back in after a while.  Nevertheless, we’ll have to be more alert this summer and a bit quicker to fill up.  Of course, that’s just what they want. — Ed A.

The Spike Line Calculation Adjustment

Two sharp-eyed readers recently commented that the results showing in The Spike Line didn’t match what they calculated using the formulas shown on the page, and those in turn skewed what was showing in the charts. Their comments spurred me to take a look at the spreadsheet that I update daily and underpins what you see on both “The Spike Line” and “Today in Oil” pages. As it turns out, the readers were correct – there were some deviations between the calculations in the spreadsheet and the displayed formulas.

The differences were not dramatic; the actual variances were between roughly 1 and 3 cents. That was enough, though, to throw off when the numbers and charts predicted a spike. I’ve since adjusted the spreadsheet calculations to match the formulas, so anyone doing the math should be reaching the same result. Ohio was not affected, as the formula and calculation matched.

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