Month: April 2017

Game Plan For Cinco De Mayo

Comment on March 27 and April:  The March 27 prediction was CORRECT, as we got a price hike.  I’ve been quiet during April, missing two price hikes.  For the second one on April 19, margins seemed high enough that we would avoid a hike.  But score me WRONG.

April 30, 2017, 12 Noon:  I’m not sure what that hike was about on April 19, but since then, wholesale prices have slipped by a dime.  As of today, we aren’t even close to price hike territory, with Michigan prices in the $2.40’s.  So, don’t be in a rush to fill up this week, unless you need to. -EA

Holding Pattern Around the Spike Line Broken Today

Good bump in spot price today. The nearly 6 cent jump put Ohio and Indiana solidly below the Spike Line. Thinking a Good Friday spike is looking likely for Ohio and Indiana. Michigan is in better shape and may avoid a hike tomorrow. Tonight or tomorrow morning would be a good time to fill ‘er up or top it off.  Best wishes to you all for a Happy Easter!  Save travels to those of you on the road.  – TS (c) 2017 Frontier Theme