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  1. Chicago got a jump on everyone with a hike today.
    CBOB has rolled to the dead of summer blend…up 11 or 12 cents today.

  2. $2.399 in Ohio.

  3. $2.399 in South Bend IN. Visit Costco for $2.02. SBN average was $2.120.

  4. $2.49 in Michigan. Was in the $2.10’s this morning in certain places.

  5. The Lansing area is going to $2.49. I was able to fill up most everything for $1.93 using a 10 cent Kroger discount, and topped off everything else for $2.00. I’m glad I took a look at the site last night.

  6. Ditto for SE MI, $2.49+/-0.10 as per GB. Station I filled up at this a.m. ($2.21) is at $2.49 now. Curiously, a nearby Kroger station has just been listed at $2.14, down a dime from this morning.

  7. 2.399 spreading Ohio..patchy but the Speedways went first

    scored a 1.979 on way home so all good for a few days

  8. $2.399 immediately outside the Toledo metro. The rest of it will probably spike tomorrow.

    So what’s the excuse this time? GREEDway executives need $$$ for spring break, I suppose.

  9. See spot was up again yesterday. Anyone seeing a double this week?

  10. Some Indy stations never took the spike from Tuesday and others are already back down to $2.19

  11. Strangely our prices did not spike either, stayed put at $2.09. Like jt4703 mentioned, also seeing other stations dropping back down.

  12. Ohio, at least the SW corner is spiking to $2.499.

  13. 2.499 spreading NW ohio also..mansfield Oh..speedway led

  14. Michigan also going up today with a Big Red spike to 2.65

  15. I saw the $2.36 Spike Line for MI and realized I’d better fill up this morning. Got it at $2.39. A few hours later we’ve gone to $2.65 in SE MI.


  16. Spot up past $1.66 at mid-day. Won’t be long now before we’re knocking on $3 bucks a gallon. I’ve been enjoying the cheapest gas in Indiana ($2.09) for the last few days. Even topped off the John Deere rider and push mower along with all the cans. I’m sure Indiana will join in with the Ohio and Michigan crank up. Question is will they jump to $2.49 or go for the gusto with $2.59?

    Oh well, I’ll catch a break from the Big Red major jumps and enjoy the southern style “nickel spikes” for a whole month when I head to Georgia this weekend.

  17. South Bend IN going to $2.49, time to fill up for $2.19.
    Niles MI started to head to $2.65 yesterday

  18. Orlando area stations were at 2.15-2.19….then went to 2.39 after the hike. Wasn’t a “nickle” increase…now Tennessee has some low gas prices…we we see where they are at on the way back from spring break.
    The gas industry loves when the US shoots missiles….at least in the past when there was some unrest or threat of war (now that is a stretch to say with this action take in the last 12 hours). Maybe a different era with the ties to OPEC somewhat lessened in the last 5 years.

  19. any chance we will be spared for Easter weekend? I’ll fill up where it’s cheaper today if it’s likely to head up tomorrow. The price of oil seems to be have stable around the $55 mark the past couple days but not sure where that puts the spot.

  20. Yes, I did both cars for $2.13 in Fort Wayne. Not the absolute cheapest, but good nonetheless. My favorite station. Just in case.

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