Late Notice Hike Warning

Price hike today looking likely in Ohio, Indiana. Michigan a little less certain, but spot price has been on the rise all week. Big jump in spot yesterday with reported refinery issues at BP Whiting, also possibly at Detroit Marathon. Thinking $2.499 – $2.599 in Ohio. Probably the same for Indiana and Michigan.

Updated: December 22, 2016 — 8:06 am


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  1. So it looks like two lumps of coal this Christmas courtesy of Big Oil, eh? MI currently averaging $2.40/gal but what’s another dime, or two, between friends?

  2. gas buddy alert ohio to 2.499

    no movement NE ohio corridor yet….

  3. See some Indiana stations going to $2.39. Maybe the Grinch doesn’t work at Big Red….thought they’d shoot for $2.59

  4. It will be interesting to see if we get another spike in Cincinnati. The majority of stations in the area haven’t dropped much since the last spike and some didn’t drop at all. I won’t bet the rent money that it won’t happen though.

  5. Not sure I would call this a spike, it’s more like a moderate hill. Some stations going from $2.33 to $2.39, others were down as far as $2.04 in Indy.

  6. The GREEDway Grinch hates the good Whos of the Midwest, that’s for sure!

    $2.399 in Toledo area! ????

  7. Whoops..emojis don’t work!

    $3.50 by Summer, 2017! How’s that ‘Slade looking now??!!

  8. Speedway by Notre Dame dropped to 2.09 this morning, now $2.39.
    Costco holding at $2.06

  9. What is causing the sudden rise in RBOB/CBOB this afternoon? Christmas Spirit(s)? -or- Simply the predicted record travel this weekend?

  10. looks like we are going to go into christmas eve 60c a gallon more than last year in NW Ohio

    2 weeks ago we we hovering around 2.10 a its 2.50 due to the 40c a gallon hike in spot prices while the price of oil has settled around $52.00 a barrel

    the refinery outage/maintenace map for the mid west is a sway of red and yellow indicating issues so cant see it getting any better short term..another 10c or so on spot will probably give another post Christmas spike to $2.70 a gallon

  11. Merry Xmas one and all!!!!

  12. How much will IN and OH prices be effected with the inflated $.19 Michigan gas tax bump looming to take effect January 1. Will there be no changes showing a $.19 difference or an imaginary price bump.

  13. CMU, it sounds like you are anticipating a .19 increase. That amount is the current gas tax in MI. 2017 brings a 7.3 cent increase for a total of 23.3 cent tax plus the “standard” 6% sales tax.
    I would hope OH or IN retailers near the state line wouldn’t up their prices simply due to their proximity to MI. After all, their primary customers are from their state.
    From the article Ed linked previously:

    “Beginning in 2017, gas taxes will increase 7.3-cents per gallon and diesel taxes will jump 11.3 cents. Buy 12 gallons of gas, and you’d pay about 88 cents more than you would now. Beginning in 2022, both fuel tax rates would be indexed to inflation, meaning they could increase without any other legislative action.

    Michigan’s current 19-cent per gallon gas tax is below the national average, but motorists here pay more taxes at the pump than they would in most other states because Michigan also applies its 6 percent sales tax to fuel purchases.

    At 26.3-cents, Michigan’s gas tax would be the 13th highest in the nation, according to data from the American Petroleum Institute. Factor in sales tax — which doesn’t fund roads — and Michigan would have the 5th highest at-pump tax rate.”

  14. Bad math! New tax is 26.3/gal.

  15. My experience living very close to the Ohio line, When Indiana is high and Ohio is cheap, the Ohio stations close to Indiana almost meet Indiana prices, and it wanes from there as you get deeper into Ohio.

    So I would expect that in small Indiana communities close to Michigan, the prices to be above the rest of Indiana. By the time you get 25 miles or so into Indiana, the difference to disappear. This doesn’t work for larger locals like South Bend, etc.

  16. If you live in Michigan, buy your tags now, before the price increase the first of the year. I saved $20, by buying them today!

  17. Unfortunately, Greg, you can only renew them 6 months in advance and ours don’t expire until late September. But good for you! I know you’ll join me in anticipation of all those miles of resurfaced/improved roads we’ve been promised.

  18. Spike to 2.499 in Indy area.

  19. Indiana Greedways leading the pack with a spike to $2.49. Happy New Year (may we take many more dollars from your wallet in 2017) courtesy of your local Big Red!!

  20. According to this site, Spot went up almost .03 today, putting the Spike Line Price in MI at $2.38. Big Red, et al, had posted at $2.45 on GB a couple of hours ago. Now it is showing they have all dropped to $2.29. Am I losing my mind?

  21. Tell me again how OPEC’s cuts weren’t going to be felt at the pump? Although it does seem that gasoline is increasing much faster than oil.

    And, on a totally unrelated note, US exports of gasoline last week rose to a record 8 million barrels, nearly twice the level of a year ago. The 10 million barrels of distillates exported last week was also a record. Hmmmm…

  22. It’s only going to get worse with the new administration. Much of the whole pipeline mess is about exporting, which is more profitable. If we used to cringe at $3 gas / $80 crude, we will be outright scowling at $3 gas / $60 crude soon.

  23. Yep. First oil went up due to just talking about the production cuts. Then it kept going up when they actually agreed to the production cuts. Now we have January 1st on the doorstep when the cuts are supposed to start. I imagine oil and spot will jump like a rocket next week.

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see spot at $2 bucks and gas at $3 bucks a month from now. Hoping a few countries decide not to cut production throwing a wrench in the works

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