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Comment on the June 29 prediction: No hike over the 4th, so I was WRONG.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016, 10:30PM:  It’s been nice as we haven’t had a hike in Michigan since the beginning of June.  But in Indiana the other day, prices below $2 were too low for Big Red, and they saw a hike.  Now, with wholesale prices creeping up the past several days, while retail prices drop, Michigan (and maybe the rest of the Midwest) is set up for a price hike by the end of the week.  Maybe $2.39?

Updated: July 12, 2016 — 10:25 pm


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  1. We’re still 82 cents over spot in SW Ohio(the part with the different RVP requirement). The rest of Ohio is about 15 cents cheaper, which puts them in the cross-hairs for a spike.
    If the rest of Ohio spikes to $2.399, Big Red will probably nail us for $2.499, a full $1.10 over spot. Gotta love Summer in Speedway Country.

  2. with prices is some areas NW ohio down to 1.799 this morning reset to 2.399 is a 60c a gallon increase which may raise a few ‘brows’. Clearly at that price its below spike so somethings gotta give which is why I just topped off at 1.819 at the same BP station 3rd day in a row (4-5 gallons a time)

    I would go for 2.299 maybe even today..or maybe 2.199 today/tomorrow and another 20c early next week

  3. Is anyone else seeing a mid-Michigan spike to $2.39?

  4. Yes. Big Red pushing the button. Michigan to $2.39, NW Indiana to $2.29, Indy/most of Indiana to $2.25.

  5. $2.25 in South Bend IN. Fill up at Costco or west side Walmart area for $1.93!

  6. Seeing evidence that Ohio is now going to $2.25…

  7. correct offical gasbuddy ‘price alert’ for ohio 2.25

    spotters reporting 2.25 NW ohio corridor already so off we go….

  8. Spot down 6 cents so far today dropping to $1.32. Hmmmmmmmm sounds like a “greed grab” led by Big Red

  9. Nah. It’s all supply and demand, market forces at work.
    *nudge nudge. *wink wink. *say no more.

  10. I suppose Cincinnati will have its usual $1.20-$1.30 margin over spot then? Market forces at work…now where have I heard that before LOL

  11. LOL. Exactly. I only say it when I’m being sarcastic. You can’t have “market forces” when one company controls enough of a market to force their pricing on everyone else.
    We haven’t jumped yet. The rest of Ohio has though, to $2.25, which means we will probably be $2.35 or $2.39 tomorrow.

  12. $2.39 this noon in GRP at Speedway at US131 and Leonard. Wandered thru town to the south end, filled at a Mobil for $2.09 and get .06 off that with Speedpass…so raise it to $2.39 then. I’m full up as is Das Boot und der Tractor…

  13. Gas Buddy Price Alert in Ann Arbor to $2.49. It says Pre-Hike Average $2.29 but right below that it says Ann Arbor Average $2.355.

  14. 2.399 popping up in Switzerland Ohio. Gotta love being 1.08 over spot again…..

  15. Southwest, not Switzerland. Stupid autocorrect.

  16. Fear not. I just saw a site advertisement about dating rich people. Who cares about gas prices 🙂

    It’s still pretty quiet and restrained, seriously. I would be counting blessings at this point.

  17. Oh, but guys it is supply and demand. GREEDway has the SUPPLY and they DEMAND higher prices.

  18. Speedway on one corner: $2.39
    Marathon on the other corner: $2.01

    Guess which parking lot was empty. Marathon. At least until I drove by. SMH.

  19. All of Ohio is now spiking to $2.399, $1.08 over spot.
    This is high, even by Big Red’s standards.
    Must be a squirrel stuck somewhere.

  20. Spike appears to be faltering, at least along my commute. Everyone (except Speedway) has dropped back to $2.19-2.26 range.
    The two Speedways, and one Kroger next to one of the Speedways are still clinging to $2.399.

  21. And the gap widens:
    UDF and Kroger, US 127, Fairfield OH – $2.059
    Speedway – two blocks away – $2.329.

    They just won’t accept the fact that they’ve lost….

  22. Chris, they don’t have to accept anything as long as the blind and brainwashed continue to pull in their drive and fill up. I will never say never, but I can say they haven’t gotten one cent from me in over 2 years..

  23. Very true, Mike. Very true. I’d love to say that GREEDway was empty, but, we both know better.
    Those free Speedy Freezes are like crack to the sheep.

  24. Greedway hasn’t gotten a penny out if me since I got a lousy tank from one of their stations back in 2005. And that was my first purchase from them since 1996. Just never liked them. I’ll go Walmart, or Sam’s, or Costco first. I don’t shop at Kroger either.

  25. filled up last night end street for 2.059..down from 2.259 last thursday

    cant remember last time a spike collapsed so quickly losing 20c in 4 days
    most other areas NW ohio following trend down quickly also

  26. Sams club and couple of other cbus stations at $1.979

  27. I ask for forgiveness. I put in half a gallon at a Marathon station once 🙂

    Just curious, why is it that most Speedway stations have been remodeled to Taj Mahal specs while Marathon stations have not?

    Also, wibc 93.1 FM Indianapolis now reports daily gas prices like the weather… Never mind zone pricing makes it a waste of airtime. GasBuddy experts are good in reporting the DAILY changes but seem not too keen to point out that this is a Midwestern phenomenon only, or to explain why it happens.

    Makes one wonder…

  28. Sigh.

    I’ve read most of those articles and all they do is confirm there is “price cycling”. As if we aren’t noticing. Some even explain the Edgeworth cycling a bit:

    What none of those articles explains, however, is WHY we have pricing cycles. Namely, because of having a single company dominate the retail gasoline market in the unfortunate states affectionately called the Speedway states.

    Funny part about the Kansas article, it mentions Wichita having pricing cycles that “only happen in the upper Midwest”. This is beyond funny. I’ve spent nearly a month in the past 12 months in Kansas and it ain’t happening in KC, Topeka, and the nameless college town my kid is going for grad school. In Wichita there are minute adjustments that only under a lot of soul searching would be classified as “price cycling”.

    Run a six month or year graph of Wichita, KC, and Indy and see for yourself.

  29. Yeah, we’ve read these, but don’t recall the the actual reason(Speedway) being mentioned in any of them.
    So, I though maybe we missed it? I went back and read about half of these, and didn’t see it.

  30. Speedway state residents would love to see such benevolent price cycling. Please add Indianapolis to the mix and see for yourself.

  31. Comparing Wichita to Cincy…Yeah, we’d KILL to have Wichita’s “issues”……

  32. Wichita has been in the same 20-cent range for the last 3 months…..
    There’s price cycling, and then there is price cycling, Speedway style.

  33. Yeah wouldn’t you love it if you lived where their big price jump is 5 – 7 cents…
    that would be really hard to take…

  34. I see every once in a while on the GB news article comments some one from South Carolina or Georgia (don’t remember exactly) mentioning that their gas prices jumped 5 cents. I’m sitting there reading it and thinking “if only”.

  35. Yessir. You could throw ALL major metro areas in Speedway country on a chart, and they’d all look almost identical.
    Lots of immediate, LARGE jumps(a lot larger than 5 cents(LOL), followed by long, meandering trips back down(when we’re lucky).

  36. “travel” update from SE Ohio for a change 1.979 Marietta Ohio..Did not pop over to West Virgina to check but the Ohio River looked good

  37. Prices near home have dropped nicely to $1.85. Indy has a couple spots at $1.59. I’m afraid Big Red will get wind of this and fire off a 25-30 cent spike either Tuesday or Thursday

  38. In Grand Rapids, Michigan, I have seen today, prices from $2.25 on the north side of town, to $1.96 on the south, almost a 30 cent spread in one city!
    I see the sheep filling up on the north side, too!
    And I tell someone who is filling up, the price on the south side, and they usually don’t care….I guess they can pay for it, and they are not going that way….

  39. Fort Wayne Now has a few stations in the low and mid $1.90s. Time to fill up and keep it filled.

  40. 1.90 in Flint MI.

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