A Tough Transition

Comment on the May 8 prediction:  Prices rose, but not until Wednesday, May 11, so the prediction was not helpful.  WRONG.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016, 8:15PM:  This has been a hard game to play this spring, and this week is another example.  On Monday, retail prices soared in Michigan to $2.59 (matched today in Fort Wayne), and I thought, “Oh, it is one of those Fat Fingered Greed Grab“.  But that same day, Michigan Governor Snyder declared an “energy emergency” in Michigan, due to “temporary shortages and shipment delays” of gasoline.  One reason:  we are in transition week to “summer gasoline”, blended to help reduce air pollution (good!), but this time of year becomes a logistical nightmare for gasoline (bad!).  But with recent hikes and the return of some helpful data, I think the transition of my spreadsheet to something useful again is complete.

So, price hike tomorrow before the holiday weekend?  I concur with this tweet from @onetoughnerd:  “At this time, I do not see further #gasprice increases coming. Market is elevated but stable.” –Ed A.

Updated: May 25, 2016 — 8:31 pm


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  1. lets hope the week ends with prices lower than they started. 2.55 going rate NW ohio corridor this morning

    Do get worried when GasBuddy reports prices as “stable”,,it seems to be a code word for about to spike again..hope not..a 60c rise in 6 days seems way out of control otherwise

  2. Mike - Kalamazoo

    Yeah, little worried bout that myself. Seems like “every time” someone on the news says something about prices not rising…they rise..of course that is just my imagination, just like prices seem to always go up right before a holiday…

  3. Some stations in my area have already came down 10 cents. Seems as though Greedways favorite days to spike are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. They’ve done the “2 for 1 special” before, meaning two spikes in one week, I sure hope they leave us alone this Saturday.

    With the way prices are now, we’re just one rampant squirrel fence jumper at BP Whiting to see $3 bucks a gallon

  4. Chris, you are absolutely correct.

  5. I bought my 22 lb cat a toy squirrel to practice with, maybe he could get a security job at BP Whiting?

    Regarding price increases, there’s always the option to leave us alone till Saturday then stick us with a Monday or Tuesday spike.

    As it is they have the whole summer to get to our wallets, a single weekend is not going to make or break it.

    I would be very curious if the fracker / tar sand crowd does not jump in at crude @ 50. But it could also be that now that crude can be exported….

  6. Pleasant (relatively speaking) surprise as my Kroger dropped 9 cents this morning, down to $2.39. Only a handful of stations are in the immediate price range, but still… Beggars can’t be choosey…

  7. couple 2.399’s creeping in this morning RT 20 corridor

    back to work day..time to catch the drivers with a spike?..2.699 coming in next few days?

    I seem to remember a pre and post memorial spike last year also

  8. Can’t appreciate to what extent we are being taken to the cleaners by both Big Red and state government till you drive west. I drove to Denver and back last week. Missouri (*) has decent roads and plenty of 1.99 gas. Kansas? $3 for 30 miles of toll road? Really? But $2.09-2.15. and Illinois? $2.16 all the way to Effingham then wham!

    * Yea I know their income taxes are a bit higher than Indiana but still…

  9. Sounds as though getting away from Greedway country is like a breath of fresh air Turbo! Nearby Anderson Indiana is down to $2.11 (guess where I’ll be filling up) while other area stations have dropped some, but nowhere near the $2.11 mark.

    Strangely enough with this pre-Memorial Day spike, I found a couple of hidden gems south of Ft Wayne that did not spike. Their prices held at $2.19 before/after and are still there.

    Hoping for a spike free week

  10. things starting to “line up” for a spike I see

    Spike line hovering in Ohio just under 2.30
    RT 20 ohio corridor low prices 2.35-2.37
    Gas stations like to raise prices 32-34 cents in one go
    2.699 on its way..top up time in the morning in case they catch us

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