Flagging the next price hike (Flag Day is June 14)

Comment on the May 29 prediction:  Yes, we did get that hike on Saturday the 30th.  CORRECT.

Sunday, June 7, 2015, 8:00AM: Time to game plan for this coming week.  Despite recent market gyrations, wholesale gas prices have been pretty steady since May 13, and we have seen two re-sets to $2.79 since then.  With prices as low as $2.51 in Lowell, I think we are set-up for a third reset to $2.79 this week, and if I were to guess when, I would guess Tuesday.  So, my advice is to fill up at the end of the day today, and maybe again Tuesday morning, keeping this prediction in mind. –Ed A.

Updated: June 7, 2015 — 8:14 am


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  1. Just got back from Paris yesterday, and saw that gas prices were at $2.75 in my area (48051), and still are today. Also saw that Meijer also changed pricing, and instead of $0.15 a difference per octane, they now charge $0.20 difference for each octane ($2.75/2.95/3.15).

  2. I was able to get a 5gal can and my caprice filled for $2.45 today. I’ll be watching the next couple days to be sure I can top it off at that last minute, hopefully.

  3. Half dozen stations at 2.50. – 2.51, the rest at mid 2.50’s and above on the south side of Grand Rapids.

  4. Your prediction was right on the mark… Looks like $2.79 is the new set price coming for most of us, courtesy of Speedway. But not surprising since many stations were starting to sell at a loss…

  5. Yep, right on the money.. 2.79 Greedways in Kzoo area

  6. South Bend, IN – Tue. Speedway spike underway to $2.79. Fill up for $2.50s while you can.

  7. Kentucky jumping to $2.799 as well.
    Nothing yet in Ohio.

  8. Filled up for $2.699 this morning on my way to work–then saw $2.599 in another part of Toledo this afternoon! Grrrr! 😐

    (At least I’m good for two weeks!)

  9. $2.899 underway in Ohio.
    Topped off at $2.549 this morning. Knew it was coming.

  10. The anniversary of the youngest player to play in a major league baseball game, 15 year-old Joe Nuxhall with the Cincinnati Reds in 1944. I guess that is as good of excuse as any for GREEDway to raise prices today.

  11. Spot up another 10 cents today. Sounds like a pancake spike is a-comin’.

  12. $3 has returned to northern Kentucky. Spike to $2.999 today.

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