Don’t be a fool — fill up tomorrow!

Comment on the March 18 prediction:  We eventually got a hike, but not until March 20 in Michigan, and later in Indiana.  I was WRONG.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015, 7:00PM:  Have you been enjoying prices near $2.20?  Lower wholesale prices have helped, but today the April fools jacked up wholesale prices and ethanol prices.  So, we are all set up for a price hike tomorrow, to somewhere around $2.49.  I will fill up tomorrow morning. — Ed A.

Updated: April 1, 2015 — 6:58 pm


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  1. Speedway leading a $2.49 bump in Michigan this morning… you can claim credit for being right this time!

  2. The typical spike time has passed, and no spike apparent in Indianapolis — yet.

  3. I don’t believe we will see a spike in Indiana…probably will escape it tomorrow too (unless CBOB prices go up some more).

  4. I know, but can’t help myself… hike to 2.49 in Kzoo, just a few days before what? A holiday weekend…But they never raise it just because of a holiday. Nope never happens…

  5. Kalamazoo had spikes on Jan. 7, Jan. 16, Jan. 23, Jan. 19, Feb. 5, Feb. 11, Feb. 22, Feb. 27, Mar. 11, Mar. 18, Mar. 22.

    Yes, Mike, this one on April 2 must be different from all of those other ones, just because a holiday is coming up. It couldn’t POSSIBLY have anything to do with the slim margin reported for Michigan yesterday.

    Now you see why so many of us, including the experts in the field (no, I don’t claim to be among them), are so frustrated with the commentary in this place.

  6. Is it possible to create three different discussion boards here?

    Gas Pricing Discussion
    Conspiracy Against The Little Man Discussion
    Bad Stand-Up Comedy Discussion

  7. So, in other words Kalamazoo has so many spikes there is no telling if Speedway spikes because of the holidays. I feel much better knowing that. 😉

  8. Just maybe they can throw in a “people that constantly quip about someone else’s opinion” disscussion board as well.

  9. @Bearcat: Yet, Kalamazoo’s average price has been below the US average for over three quarters of that period — at times as much as 33 cents below!

    We have become so conditioned to constantly complaining about everything that we we’ve lost all capacity to discern actual problems.

  10. Down to $2.03 on the northeast side of Indy by me. Usually often cheaper than where Turbo hangs out. Maybe the solution is to just sell his house and move, lol! Problems solved. In all honesty, growing up in michigan, it did seem that for awhile there about 10-20 years ago, prices often raised on a thursday before the weekend when everyone went “up north”. Unless that was just a reaction to the wednesday inventory report and I wasn’t knowledgeable enough to know it then. But in the past few years, seems to be a lot more random and we’ve had several holiday weekends the past few years where it hasn’t risen. Still no raise in Indiana today from what I can tell, and we have final 4 here in Indy, so if that doesn’t blow out the conspiracy theory, I don’t know what does. Doesn’t mean it won’t go up tomorrow, but from what I can tell, the fact I’m buying it at $2.03 means I’m getting a pretty steep discount!

  11. That’s part of my diatribe in the good old days thread – zone pricing. Why spike and only take advantage of some of your customers when you can zone price, charge the lucky ones 20-30c below market price and make it up by overcharging everyone else.

    To Speedway’s defense this happens in some sectors of retail as well but often for “understandable” reasons. But it also does not happen in other sectors of retail… Even saintly Costco does it 🙂

  12. Heads up! Indiana (outside of northwest- stay aware for rise later today) going to $2.39, Ohio to $2.45, and Louisville metro to $2.59. Justified considering how low they had gotten, but get gas now!

  13. Why 2.59 for Louisville? Just curious, I rarely drive there but it’s as expensive as Chicago, do they have their own gas blend?

  14. Ohio/Cincinnati Spiking to $2.45

  15. $2.39 in Fort Wayne as of 10:00 that I noticed it. Leading the way was Lasus Handy Dandy. Even before Speedway.

  16. South Bend, IN – Spike to $2.39 underway. Fill up for $2.14-$2.20s while you can.

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