Wrong last week, but I doubt I’ll be wrong this week — fill ‘er up!

Comment on the July 5 prediction:  No hikes at all last week, so I was completely WRONG.

Monday, July 14, 2014, 8:00PM:  Just so you know I practice what I predict, I topped off my tank twice last week, thinking a price hike was imminent.  But, due to sliding wholesale prices, there was on-going pressure to keep retail prices down.  However, wholesale prices have stabilized, and I’m seeing gas in the $3.20’s in Fort Wayne, and $3.30’s in Lowell, Michigan.  By my calculation, the price to retailers is about $3.40.  So, I’m going to fill up Tuesday morning, expecting a hike with a new price at least $3.69. — Ed A.

Updated: July 14, 2014 — 8:09 pm


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  1. Thanks! Topped off at 3.22.

  2. independent retailer

    Ed, My cost today is 3.47.

  3. 3.24 northern ohio

  4. It has been a good ride and looooong overdue.

  5. I’ve been keeping filled up as well – will make sure to fill up tonight!!

  6. Computed price hike target here in CHicagoland is just $3.689. Hard to imagine it being that high anywhere in Ohio or Michigan, but I suppose there could be a new Speedway strategy to soak those states.

  7. Meh. $3.689 is only a 25-cent jump from the Ohio average. And only a 12-cent jump from the Cincy average.
    Certainly not out of the question to see that price here.

  8. Gas still showing at 3.23 in Ionia and the Greenville area here in west central Michigan. I filled up today…anyway.

  9. I’m actually surprised that there’s still no sign of a spike- if the spike line price is to be interpreted as the price to retailers, then there are a LOT of stations losing well over $.20 per gallon right now.

  10. Nothing in Cincy yet. Higher-priced Speedway stations have dropped 10 cents/gallon since this morning. Probably means tomorrow’s the day.

  11. Hearing reports that Louisville, KY spiked today….. FWIW

  12. Looks like the other side of the river from Louisville, in Indiana is spiking to $3.899 today as well.

  13. $3.899 in Indiana would be ridiculous in terms of what Speedway has aimed for historically. Even in Kentucky with higher taxes it seems pretty extreme to me. Here in Chicago the formula that has worked (up until now) very well shows Speedway’s price hike target to be $3.639 tonight and that’s for more expensive CHicago formula RFG. Perhaps they will keep testing these new much higher margins in select markets and see how agreeable other dealers area.

  14. Appears to be confined to that area(for now). Checked prices near Columbus, IN (north on I-65 from Louisville). They haven’t jumped, yet.

  15. For whatever reason, none that I can explain, here in west central ohio, Gas is $3.15 a gallon… I’ve been expecting a spike for at least three weeks…

  16. I tanked up this morning in Greenfield, IN for $2.99. I had to do a double take on the price and make sure a 2 was really the first number and not a 3 lol. Never thought I’d see sub $3 gas during July in my life again, but I was pleasantly wrong.

  17. Cincy average is still, inexplicably, $3.54/gallon. Really padding those margins….

  18. Dayton, who spiked last week at $3.69 is within 3 cents of the Cincinnati average right now.

  19. Looks like it’s finally going up in Indianapolis. Speedways at 3.55 on the northwest side of town.

  20. Still showing $3.21 now in the Ionia, Michigan area. Ionia and Greenville have the lowest prices in Michigan that I can find right now. But the Libyans are getting jiggy and new sanctions on Russia coming on…oil up 3 bucks a barrel this AM.
    Too bad I can’t get my trucks tank any fuller. My gas cans around the rancho are full already too. DAMN!

  21. Well was fun while it lasted. 3.65 just west of Kalamazoo

  22. $3.55 spike in Toledo, OH. Not sure whether to be the usual angry, or thank God that Greedway didn’t get greedier!

  23. $3.55?? LOL – That’s a ONE PENNY jump from the average in Cincy.

  24. Some Speedways in Niles MI & some in South Bend IN have gone up from ~ $3.49 to $3.55 today

  25. Just topped off two cars and a 5 gal can for $3.16 in Fort Wayne. I’ve been expecting this for weeks. I enjoyed it while it lasted.

  26. Lassus Handy Dandy, like I have said for some time now, are leading the spike (again) in Fort Wayne, to $3.55

  27. $3.65 in Grand Rapids

  28. I like how every time the national news and local news talks about gas prices going down (this morning as a matter of fact), Michigan gets a spike (a few days ago).

  29. Spikes, by definition, occur after prices go down. There’s nothing unusual about that at all.

  30. Not much change in South Bend, IN or Niles, MI.
    Some Speedways when up a bit to $3.55 on Thursday, but now some back down. $3.39-$3.55 here in Indiana. $3.38-$3.49 in Niles MI.

  31. Thanks Tuebor. Guess that means that Greedway will only hit us with a 20 cent hike this week instead of their usual 30.

  32. Indy’s average gas price has now been at or below the national average for one full month. After spending most of 2014 above the national average, the pattern has clearly shifted.


  33. …And Ren…Even though I complain at times, it looks like Fort Wayne has consistently, if by only a little, beat Indy….

  34. Indiana does continue to enjoy some of the lowest rack prices in the Great Lakes states:

  35. Hey, cool chart. It shows that there is rhyme and reason to the prices at the pump. Sometimes we’re on the good side, and sometimes we’re not, but in the end it all tends to even out. And those of us who play the game well can steal the advantage from the house.

  36. Still going lower $3.34-3.49 in South Bend IN.
    $3.37-3.43 Niles MI

  37. $3.20 in Fremont MI.

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