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Comment on the May 28 posting:  I really can’t give myself a grade on this one, since the hike already happened in Indiana.  Only up to $3.95 in Michigan, though.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014, 6:50PM:  Since last week’s hike, wholesale prices have remained where they are, while retail prices have drifted into the $3.70’s.  With retail margins heading back to nothing, we are set up for a hike back to $3.99 on Thursday or Friday.  Not sure what happens after that. — Ed A.

Updated: June 4, 2014 — 6:48 pm


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  1. Another hike? After hitting $3.99 on the last one, most places in South Bend have only gone down to the upper $3.80s.
    The south side as usual lately now dropping lower then the rest of the area to $3.79.

  2. Since we haven’t had a GREEDway spike in a WHOLE week and since Midwest gasoline supplies took an unexpected sharp drop this week I figure a spike this week is inevitable. Squirrels are everywhere.

  3. I agree with Lou. Not theat a hike is out of the question, but that stations around here are all in the upper $3.80s.

  4. Gas is going up to $3.89 today in Grand Rapids

  5. Sorry 399 i meant

  6. Yep, the greedy Greedway just went to 3.99 just west of Kalamazoo too. 164

  7. A few speedways have spiked to $3.99 here in South Bend. !@#$%

  8. It feels like we should just expect a hike every week.

  9. I have always said that the real reason for the spikes and drifting prices following one is to obfuscate the real price of gasoine. So one may further specuate as to why more spikes coming more often. I believe there is a desire to increase margins, as they have been able to do in Ohio. And notice, we, the consumer, is almost used to the idea of $4+ gas as inevitable now.

  10. independent retailer

    My current retail price is 3.89. Been at this since Speedway’s last spike. Here are my costs for the last week:
    28th 3.78
    29th 3.76
    30th 3.74
    2nd 3.72
    3rd 3.70
    4th 3.67
    5th 3.65
    So I don’t know what the hell Speedway is doing either!!!

  11. Here’s a thought. For us GREEDway has been spiking every week since the end of April. Our average price price stands at $3.90 and probably won’t get much lower until the next spike hits (probably tomorrow). Because more people are playing “The Gas Game” and anticipating the spike and buying low, maybe this is a tactic by GREEDway to dry up the pocket areas of low prices by having more frequent spikes.

  12. They just agreed to buy Hess. They need MONEY!

  13. There are some stations on the west side of Lansing holding at $3.69. I went and filled everything up, and blew my 20 cent Kroger discount, which probably means this spike is going to fail.

  14. Flint had a 4 day ‘shelf’ of 3.88 then a slight drop to 3.83 – 3.77 which was like having a billboard outside of every station saying “Spike” Interestingly, it didn’t manifest until after 3 in the afternoon, whereas usually its before noon.

    sadly the 4 buck summer seems to be a fair bet.

  15. Two gas stations in my area have passed the $4.00 mark. Shell is $4.09 and Mobil is $4.05. The majority of stations around here are $3.99. The price at the Kroger station in Troy is $3.85. I had $1.00 off per gallon so it cost me $68.50 for just under 24 gallons of gas.

    Actually gas was 3.859, but when discussed here it’s rounded down to $3.85. I’m curious as to why we round down because it’s so close to the next number we should round up $3.86.

    A survey of 1,000 American adults was conducted on May 26-27, 2014 by Rasmussen, and it found that 41% of the people polled will be taking a summer vacation this year, but fewer will be cutting back on how much they spend. The same percent of people took summer vacations last year so it seems that higher gas prices aren’t a deterrent.

  16. Looks like this last spike missed Ohio completely. Topped off at 3.639 this evening.

  17. it appears that Cedar Springs MI never went up either. it seems like Cedar Springs is always the cheapest in the West Michigan area I wonder if it’s because there’s Admiral and a Wesco gas station that keep prices low?

  18. Cedar Springs is not always the cheapest, usually that is the SE side of GR. That being said, they are ALWAYS cheaper than Rockford, which is weird since they both have a Meijer gas station at their exits and they are not that far from each other.

  19. So what do you guys & gals figure the whole sale price is now?
    They sure aren’t playing the game very well. The Grand Rapids average is still above $3.90 and if you take Cedar Springs, Sparta, & Lowell out of the average it would probably be in the mid $3.90’s.

  20. This last spike looks like it has missed Fort Wayne. Indiana spiked, though not long, and a few stations on Saturday tried to spike to $3.99, but they gave up, apparently.

  21. Speedway spike underway in Ohio. $3.959 is the spike price.

  22. $3.959 in Kentucky, too.

  23. We had a 3.83 shelf in Flint the last couple days. If it spikes today ( and no reason to expect them not to) it will reset ABOVE the 4 buck mark, where they’ll do the next shelf in the 3.90’s Gas has gone up a buck in 6 months. guess what Frogs, the water has been turned up.

  24. I tell a lie. There was an abrupt drop to 3.74 at several stations. I’ll be stunned not to see a spike in a couple hours.

  25. Well that 13 article pretty much just made sure we will jump above 4.00 this week or early next week. Greedway seems to make a big jump as soon as one of these articles comes out, just to show who is really in charge..

  26. Mike: I’ve said that for years. Whenever someone predicts gas going down or remaining level, something PROVES them wrong. Every Time!

  27. Agreed – with both of you.

  28. No summer spike? Take a look at Iraq. Traders sure are! Spot prices up 8.5 cents today but that just matches the rise in RBOB futures. Any jump from this won’t be Midwest specific though.

  29. A friend of mine just called and said the local news is speculating that gas will go over 4 bucks in the Lansing area tomorrow morning due to whatever is going on in Iraq. Some stations around here are $3.66. I guess I will fill up just to be safe.

  30. key station between cedar springs and Sparta is up to 4.19,.. its going up folks,.. big time….

  31. I have a bad feeling that by the time the mess in Iraq plays out a gallon of gas for under $4.00 is going to look awfully good.

  32. wow, 4.19, they are just going to blow by the 4.09 mark I thought they would hit first…

  33. $3.95 looks to be the price point in Indy

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