$3.999, here we come

Comment on the May 21 posting:  I got lucky, filling up before the hike to $3.89.  But, no prediction, no grade.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014, 7:45PM:  I’ve said this before — gas pricing has gotten more aggressive to the upside in the past year or so, with hikes coming sooner, and larger margins.  Working out my calculations this evening, we are in the place where lately we get a hike.  And, lo and behold, the price has already rose to $3.99 in Indiana today.  Hard to imagine anything different in Michigan and elsewhere on Thursday.  $3.999, here we come. — Ed A.

Updated: May 28, 2014 — 7:39 pm


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  1. I saw the gas buddy alert and managed to fill up at my neighborhood 66 station for 3.65. Not bad considering.

    Here comes the summer of $4+ /g gas! Ugh.

  2. Filled up for $3.74 this morning at one of the few not up to $3.99 yet.

  3. Still in the mid 360’s here in Flint. Guess its time to use up the last of the kroger points this morning. So whats the reason this time? Other than a carefully structured return to the 4.00 shelf?

  4. Told ya Speedway was increasing their margins……

  5. Any takers on $4.09 to $4.15 during next week’s spike?

  6. I’d say $4.05. It seems as though the board of directors all need new yachts.

  7. I predict $4.09. The procreation of squirrels is in high gear.

  8. Mike in Kalamazoo

    Just let us drill more, prices will go down, we promise…..

  9. 3.999 in sw Ohio

  10. I still believe a lot of the spike activity is a function of pipeline delivery cycles:


  11. I predict $4.35-4.40 before July 4th. Hey then $4 is a bargain ! What is the tipping point to kill the summer driving season ? $4.50 ? $5 ?
    I am sure they will probe the other side of $4.50 before too long.

  12. Hell, I feel like I’m getting “probed” at $3.999.

  13. Wholesale prices for Chicago are 8 cents lower than the last time they hiked prices here to $4.09 so they definitely appear to be stretching the margins.

  14. I think it’s time to stay home and the yardwork and park the cars this weekend. With chuch servives the exception I think everyone should stay home and do the same. Maybe we will pick up some advocates to say “do something about gas prices before we get hurt too bad.” Advocates like McDonalds, Macy’s, Cedar Point Entertainment, AMC Cinemas…

  15. $3.999 puts us THIRTY-SIX cents above the national average….
    Just let that sink in.

  16. Up to 3.99 in canton Ohio. Afraid this family won’t be going places this,summer

  17. Today’s spike is getting a LOT of media coverage in Ohio. Some are actually calling out Speedway.
    Guess $4 will do it.

  18. All the news outlets in the region need to start talking about the Speedway gouge. Boycott Speedway!

    $3.999 at every station in South Bend but a few. Avg $3.974

  19. Filled up last night at $3.61. Station was a Speedway and the place was packed ! When I came back through a few hours later the price had spiked to $3.96. Where else can you get a 10% spike in prices in 2 hours !
    > $4 coming to a station near you SOON !

    BTW there is only a 20 cent difference between NW Indiana and Chicago now. That is until the Chicago stations spike up.

  20. Cincinnati is 30 cents above the national average now. The spike blew through here with little resistance. Yard work on the to do list the next two days. Cars stay parked except for church. The Kohl’s Cash will have to wait. If GREEDwy wants to bring the economy down crashing let ’em.

  21. Wonder where our usual Defenders are… Providing Meals on Wheels service to squirrels tired from all the recent spikes…

  22. WOW, Ohio has the 4th highest gas price average in the country at the moment, replacing Indiana who has “dropped” to the 7th highest in the nation. Michigan is sandwiched in there as well. I NEVER thought I’d see Ohio that high.

    What the heck is going on with Ohio’s pricing? Hopefully the media is continuing to call them out. Squirrels, squirrels, squirrels!!

  23. The spike is rolling back somewhat here in mid Michigan, 3.77 is the lowest in Flint. Current hold shelf is 3.88.
    of course, a spike this coming would push us up over 4.00, one the following week might be the placeholder for 4 buck country.
    Surprised though, that there are still no reasons given, good bad or boilerplate?

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