We Can Hope For A Quiet Spring in Terms of Gas Prices

Comment on the February 26 prediction:  It was absolutely CORRECT, as prices rose the next day to $3.75.  I’ve missed the past two prices hikes, though (3/5 and 3/12).

Sunday, March 16, 2004, 3:30PM:  Let’s step back and look at the past several months.  Retail gas prices have gone from $3.79 at the end of August to $3.03 (in Standale) at the beginning of December, and now in mid-March, we are back to $3.79.  This has been pretty typical price behavior for the autumn and winter, although the weekly jumps since the beginning of February have been a bit harsh.  What’s next?  In 2012 and 2013, prices topped out in March and then stayed stable for a few months, and in the past two weeks, wholesale gas (and oil) prices have calmed.  So, let’s hope we’ll stay below $4 a gallon at least until the summer.  But let’s not call that a prediction. — Ed A.

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One comment on “We Can Hope For A Quiet Spring in Terms of Gas Prices
  1. TimmP says:

    Fort Wayne has dipped below the average for Indiana. That is usually a very good sign that a spike is on the way. Topped off two cars for $3.49

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