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  1. My Spidey-Sense detects a refinery fire or outage coming very soon……

  2. Or the usual spike every 10 days regardless of what Chicago Spot is doing. Chicago Spot could drop a penny, two or three for the next several days and you can bet Greedway will fire up a spike on or around the 10 day mark. Why? Because their name says it all.

  3. WSJ had an article yesterday or today predicted the drop to continue, pointing to the continued production despite deep reserves to meet rising prices for diesel in Europe. Apparently, if they’re producing diesel, it just makes sense to produce gasoline.

  4. Supposedly the price of RINS are going to go down because of a change in the “Clean Air Act” which is going to require less ethanol blending creating less expense to refiners, which in turn should trickle down to consumers, I said “should”.

  5. Saw on the scroll across GMA this morning there was INDEED a refinery fire in Chicago – nobody was hurt, but yeah, that should do something I would think.

  6. The fire was at the Citgo refinery in Lemont, IL. Price spike anyone?

    “”The crude unit was immediately shut down,” Colarelli said. No injuries were reported and the refinery complex was not evacuated, he said”

  7. Refinery fire — amazing. I’ll post a comment tonight if it appears this has affected wholesale prices.

  8. Yep, can see the meeting between all the CEO’s now. Ok Citgo, the last fire was at our place, it’s your turn now… what a crock…
    Ok Greedway, I’m bent over..give it to me….

  9. Wholesale prices up 10 cents today due to the refinery fire. Doesn’t look like enough to trigger a hike tomorrow.

  10. Considering pump prices were 30-35 cents too high to begin with, I don’t think that even GREEDway can justify a spike.

  11. Hey greedway, aren’t we close to these same refineries? Missouri prices below $3.00


  12. Oil up 69 cents a barrel today – yep – could happen!

  13. Chicago spot price rose only a couple cents more today (or less, the report has numbers that don’t match.) Apparently the fire hasn’t resulted in any big supply issues yet.

  14. Do I smell a spike tomorrow-ish? I see where Ohio & Indiana’s gas price drop is now showing “prices stable” on gasbuddy.com. Usually that’s a sign the arrow will turn red and point upwards.

    Any predictions on the next refinery fire??

  15. Grand Rapids website doing the same thing – “stable!”

  16. Next refinery fire: Wednesday/Thursday.

  17. Looks like an “adjustment” to $3.199 in the Toledo area, probably in the 2:00-ish timeframe. (Usually, they start gouging at 10am; I was watching around 11am, and nothing had moved.)

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