See Your (prices) Rising In Altitude

Comment on the August 20 prediction:  Prices rose as predicted, to $3.69, a bit less than expected, but still CORRECT.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013, 8:45PM:  Almost certain to see prices rise on Wednesday.  The key driver is the new tension with Syria, which has sent wholesale oil and gas prices up.  That it is the end of August, when prices often see their high for the year, isn’t helping.  I’m estimating a price to retailers of $3.65, and with retail prices as low as $3.50 in town, we could see $3.85 tomorrow. –Ed Aboufadel

Updated: August 27, 2013 — 8:35 pm


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  1. Looks like the price is $3.799 for today. A little high Ed, but spot on about the timing!

  2. Looks like a double whammy with the crap in Syria and Labor Day weekend approaching. It would have spiked regardless though.

    I’m predicting the next crisis in “Timbuktu” will rattle the markets and take us to $4 dollars a gallon.

  3. $3.69 in south west ohio….

  4. Flint spiked 3.69-3.75 by lunch time today. Holdout stations -admiral- in the 340s range will fall into place by midnite. double tap spike for the weekend? hold us just about 4 bucks to slowly float downward by the first 3rd of Sept. its going to be a sucktastic couple weeks.

  5. isn’t this ‘nice’ to make money ‘profit’ on the innocent deaths in syria? the profit advocacy goes long to way to justify that it is not greed but ‘simple profit making.’ how could these greedy go to church and call themselves christians?

  6. Fooled them this time. Got a full tank and not traveling over the weekend.

  7. Everybody has been pretty quiet as prices slowly drop? Can retailers still be paying $3.65?

  8. i doubt that, it is the time for ‘greedy’ profit making!

  9. I’m planning on a hike tomorrow – so filling up tonight.

  10. I’m thinking I should top off at Speedway, at $2.449/gallon.

  11. Oil down $2.00 a barrel today @ $107, filled up last night for $3.40 @ Cedar Meijer with Meijer credit card [5 cents off per gallon]. We shall see what happens today.

  12. No spike in September so far? Sure wish I knew what the Chicago spot was up (or down) to?

  13. According to what I just saw on Gas Buddy this morning, the “arrow” was pointing up but the highest price was $3.59 so I’m not really sure yet, but if it’s not today [since I was wrong last week], I’m going to plan on tomorrow – based on the fact we have not had a price increase lately.

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