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  1. Again????… Tired of this!!!

  2. independent retailer

    Cost to me 3.83 this morning.

  3. Thanks, independent retailer. That matches my calculation from last night.

  4. Yea, keep falling my butt ! Prices are back at $ 4.09 on the US30 corridor in NW Indiana. Greedway is leading the charge and everyone else follows !

    When do we see some relief ?

    Its even worse in Chicago, $4.37 at most stations !

    What a crock !

  5. They need to start writing two separate articles on gas prices. One for us unlucky residents of Greedway states and another for those who don’t have to see massive 30-50 cent spikes all the time.

    Greedway near my hotel in Ohio just twisted the knife a little harder going from $3.33 to $3.79. Indiana had one spike last week and I’m sure this one will strike back home as well. After all, we are the California of the midwest.

  6. As of 2:20 p.m. this afternoon, we have not yet had a price hike here in Grand Rapids. That being said and with NW Indiana up to $4.09 with Greedway in the lead, I’m betting we’ll get the spike here tomorrow so I’m filling up tonight.

    Here are three more interesting articles I read today on Yahoo Finance in regards to oil.




    Granted – these have nothing to do with “spike lines” or whatever – just with oil.

  7. Well, good to see no hike in Michigan so far today. I can refill the tank for $3.74 tomorrow morning before the hike. Why a hike?


  8. Not to drive home a point I made several weeks ago, but the pundits then were talking about gasoline prices falling, and I said then that whenever that happens, bend over, it’s coming at us in the Midwest. this has lasted long enough. The relief is not on the horizon that I can tell, and all I know is that every single free cent I have (and many I don’t have free) is going into my tank when I need it for home repairs and groceries.

  9. Gasoline Rises Most in Three Months at U.S. Pumps, Report Shows – from Bloomberg.com this morning – refinery issues.


  10. $3.89/gal grand rapids mi

  11. “Gasoline Rises Most in Three Months at U.S. Pumps, Report Shows – from Bloomberg.com this morning – refinery issues.”

    There’s always an excuse. Next time Chicago gets an inch of rain and their precious little pipelines get “flooded” again we’ll see the Spot price shoot up to $3.50.

  12. 3.89 @ Flint area freeway ramp speedways by noon. other stations mostly holding at 3.55 til tonite. back to the 35 cent-ish spike they feel comfy with. at least last weeks 50 cent jump was (for now, at least )

  13. Greedway has begun their spike in OH and KY, second in four days.
    $3.899 is the spike price.

  14. Bought petrol at the Mobil on Chicago Drive in Wyoming last nite (5/16) at 3.61. Went inside to get lotto and came back out..the price had gone to 3.78. Won 40 bucks on the cash for life ticket too. Now if my Mega Millions comes in tonite also…..

  15. Mega Millions?

    Pfft. What would I want with a measly $190 million?
    I want PowerBall. $550 million, now THAT is some serious coin.


  16. Another “refinery issues” article on the local GR news website!! Which probably means we’ll be spiking to $3.99 next week – – you know, Memorial Day weekend and all. LOL!!


  17. Maybe over $4, Sam. But I hear cheaper gas from the west coast is on its way.

  18. Mike in Kalamazoo

    Let’s see. Just came back from Arkansas yesterday. Bought gas for 3.27 a gallon. In fact the highest I found till I got to Greedway country was 3.69. This was the exact same price as is was when I went down on Tuesday the 14th. But as soon as I hit Greedway country it was 3.99. The CEO’s at Greedway should either be put in jail or picked to run the country. Not sure which.

  19. Had two spikes in one week in the Toledo, OH area last week–$3.699 on Monday, then they hit us with $3.899 last Friday! (On Friday morning going to work, I noticed that a couple stations on my commute had dropped $0.05 overnight–should have been an indicator!)

    Toledo is split into two zones: prices tend to fall rapidly on the north end of town, while most of the area is in the other zone where the prices tend to remain high following a spike. However, usually by the next day following a spike, prices in the southern zone have start to back off by a penny or two per gallon. That’s not the case with this one, and in fact, an Exxon in my area which is usually the highest price in town (and seemingly marches to its own drum with fluctuations) is at $3.979!

  20. So what day will our spike be this week? I hear the Greedway big wigs have lavish vacations planned over Memorial Day weekend and need extra money. Do I hear $4+ coming to many places?

  21. Those of us who have been lucky to NOT see $4 ($3.999) yet this year, will all have our luck run out this week. With spot at $3.27, it’s not a question of IF, but when GREEDway pulls the $4 trigger in the remainder of their territory.

  22. Forget prices! I want a good excuse this time.

    Maybe Nessie was spotted swimming in the water right outside Whiting, IN. and BP had to suspend refining concerned that Nessie would chew up some pipelines (substitute Bigfoot for winter time refinining)

    I’m guessing 4.09 in Indiana, can’t see them going to 4.19.

  23. independent retailer

    4 dollar cost to me today. I say 4.19 by tomorrow.

  24. It’s becoming 2008 all over again and for what excuse now! I suppose the all time record of $4.21 near my house in Indiana could be broken? What was Chicago Spot during that time I wonder? I do remember WTI Crude reaching $147 a barrel, gee it’s only $95ish now. I’m predicting only a “slight jump” from $3.89 to $4.09 around where I live.

    Thank god my June vacation was paid for a few months back!!

  25. $3.99/gal grand rapids mi

  26. Chris, 2008 was a different case. 147/bbl oil messed up the world and people took notice, and above all, it messed up refiners big time. If there was ever a time for a Congressional investigation of $4.19 gas with $96 crude vs $147 crude, now it is, but we’ll see Nessie suntanning on pipelines in Gary before we see an investigation.

    The two things Big Oil learned were (a) to keep crude down because it messes up a LOT of the rest of the world, and (b) to consolidate and control refining such that entire areas of the country can be impacted yet the obscene prices would be attributed to squirrels, Nessie, a couple inches of rain, etc. Zone pricing at the state level.

    The game is evolving, too. Last couple years the place I work had lower gas than my home area by quite a bit. In the last few months the low price zone at work has been a memory.

    At some point someone high up is going to notice. When, that I do not know. My guess at $5+.

  27. Interesting, we appear to be having an overnight price hike here in Lansing. Other than some Speedway stations, Clark, Admiral, and a few others, most everyone has gone up to $3.999.

  28. Mike - Kalamazoo

    yep the greedway bandit came in the night here in Kalamazoo too. 3.999 this morning.

  29. You missed the number ! Now all Greedways on US 30 corridor, $4.099 ! Maybe another dime for the weekend ! Hurrah !
    I am really tired of being hosed !

  30. West Michigan area is now 30 cents higher than the national average. Last year at this time we were even with the National Average. I’m sure the rest of the greedway states are very similar.

  31. Stop complaining. The gas company’s have one BIG thing going for them, which is the same for the very wealthy, the middle class cannot ORGANIZE a positive movement to fight. It would be simple to create a gas glut if the middle class could ORGANIZE, like the wealthy and oil companies. Slow down, use less and GET ORGANIZED. Start a national no buy week. If you can’t organize stop whinning about it, its our own fault why the middle class is constantly taking it-or should I say losing it.

    Remeber there is power in numbers.

  32. Soooo, Dakota residents (N and S), how is the fracking thing working out for y’all?

    Senator Wyden’s (D-OR) report on refinery elimination, done years ago, was prophetic. Read it sometimes.

  33. Failed Hike in MI to $3.999

  34. There is absolutely no reason for gas prices to be this high. I remember back in 2007-2008 when gas prices got up to $4.25 and higher. The price of a barrel of oil was at $150. We are no where near that high right now, a barrel of oil is below the $100 mark and yet we are seeing the price at the pump at or near the $4 range. We are being robbed and manipulated by the oil companies. It is nothing less than pure greed here at work and to quote Howard Beale, we need to rise up out of our chairs and yell I am mad as hell and I won’t take it any more!

  35. Far be it for me to defend Big Oil but try to understand that $150 oil did not result in $5+ or so gas in 2008 was only due to the grace (LOL) of companies keeping prices very artificially low for some reason or another.

    $4 seemed to be the magic point beyond which things could get complicated. So the current model of (for lack of a better term) rolling refinery issues and overblown geopolitical issues to keep crude under $100 and gas just under $4 seems to be working well. Hose a few parts of the country at a time, somehow leave the South immune and at $3.25, hope for bad weather, and explain away on the media.

    Good deal if you ask me.

  36. $3.99 in grand rapids today

  37. Of course it is, same in Kalamazoo also. Didn’t we just get a statement on TV8 in Grand Rapids about how it will fall after the holiday weekend. I wish one time they would forecast that it was going up, maybe it would go the other way… yeah right… What is the reason now(as if they need one)

  38. Seven days seems to be the magic number for consecutive days without a spike. Chicago Spot can drop 50 cents, WTI Crude can plunge $10 and what do we get in the Greedway states?? Why a big fat spike of course. The world can be coming to an end and on the 7th day there was still a spike.

    Did Chicago Spot crack $3.30 again?

  39. Manipulating the prices just enough to keep spiking to 3.99 in the West Michigan area and avoid the stigma of $4.00 gas.

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