Look for #1 Seed Speedway to Defeat #16 Seed Midwest Drivers This Week

Comment on the February 24 prediction:  As predicted, prices rose the next day to $3.99 in Grand Rapids, so CORRECT!

Sunday, March 17, 2013, 8:00PM:  I think Bill and I are going to start tag-teaming on our predictions, but I’ll continue to monitor mine for “CORRECT” or “WRONG”.  I’d like to not be CORRECT for this next one:  wholesale prices jumped Friday, while retail prices have been sliding slowly.  So, fill up as soon as possible for $3.69 if you can find it, because it looks like we’ll be back to $3.99 on Monday or Tuesday. — Ed Aboufadel

Updated: March 17, 2013 — 7:59 pm


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  1. The Traverse City for MI is surprisingly as low as $3.64. Its sad to say that low but compared to what we might be paying this summer.

  2. The jump up in wholesale was the switch-over to summer blend. The market responded with no interest in buying at that price. I posted on the Spike Line page that a spike may come early next week, and it may do so on Monday. I am slightly skeptical, since this is a different situation, however, thus I didn’t post it here.

  3. Early reports have us at $3.999 here in Michigan.

  4. Oops, that gas buddy entry must have been an error. It appears as though the new price is $3.95, so we are indeed hiking today.

  5. $3.899 in sw Ohio. Spreading fast.

  6. Yeah the sucking of our money for this week has begun. 3.95 in Kalamazoo area as of noon.

  7. No time wasted on this spike. Usually Ohio and Michigan will go up, then Indiana will follow 12-24 hours later, but not today. Ft Wayne stations already have it jacked up to $3.96. Hell they might as well just leave it there the whole time instead of teasing us with these little penny and nickel drops.

  8. See wholesale price in Chicago is down almost 10 cents the last couple of days, does that mean a 30 cent pump price drop? Come on Sleezeway……have some scruples for a change.

  9. Nice to see some stations in sw Ohio have given Greedway the finger, staying in the $3.50’s.

  10. I am just wondering if we will just keep blogging about it all the time or if ‘we united’ will speak-up to bring some regulation here. I appreciate the predictive ability of Ed and Bill it surely saves some bucks though in the long run its a loose it all situation. I agree with some of the posters here that price drop of 10 cents should reflect on the pump by the same factor as we see the price jump but it never happens and the penny a day drop is simply teasing. though when it is a serious part of our life simply blogging about it and not doing anything serious will not help. our blogs are not read by the policy makers who are often surrounded by the lobbyists with fat bag of case against our solitary ‘useless’ vote that they remember only during election years!

  11. The #1 seed Greedway has just been DEFEATED! I love it when that happens. Number 13 seed Pilot refused to match Greedway’s 30 cent increase and LOWERED their prices 2 cents instead. Greedway matched with a 32 cent immediate drop, but it was too late, Pilot had already won. That’s Indiana competition for ya!!

  12. Before we cut the net lets remember that in many cases thanks to heavy handed zone pricing few consumers can actually benefit from the lower prices…

    I wonder if a better metric is not average price aline but average price and volume. A station at 3.99 and a station at 3.59 average to a more palatable (…) 3.79 but if nearly everyone in the state except a few low zones is paying full fare…

  13. strange observation! the price in grand rapids is varying from 3.95 to 3.69! No these are not prices between a warehouse store and a gas station, its for the normal gas stations! anyone knows why such difference in price???

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