Month: March 2013

Prediction: Gas prices will fall

We had our spike on Monday. The set price was $3.95, I think the same in Michigan. This means while Ed was off by five cents, he still gets a correct prediction.

Since then, the market for gas has been all over the place. It was down five cents on Tuesday, up four on Wednesday, and down a whopping 14 cents today. Today’s drop was due to a refiner aggressively selling off stock at a deep discount. This is good for us, as it gives stations room to fall going into the weekend.

So that’s my prediction, falling prices.

As a side note, something I mentioned yesterday on the Spike Line page. The Chicago RBOB price is 18 cents higher than the Chicago Spot (now CBOB). This does not bode well for Northwest Indiana, as they are required to use this reformulated blend due to their proximity to Chicago, and the EPA mandate for the area. They have been spiking 4-5 cents higher than the rest of Indiana. With this, they could spike 10-20 cents higher when the next spike comes. Just a fair warning.

Look for #1 Seed Speedway to Defeat #16 Seed Midwest Drivers This Week

Comment on the February 24 prediction:  As predicted, prices rose the next day to $3.99 in Grand Rapids, so CORRECT!

Sunday, March 17, 2013, 8:00PM:  I think Bill and I are going to start tag-teaming on our predictions, but I’ll continue to monitor mine for “CORRECT” or “WRONG”.  I’d like to not be CORRECT for this next one:  wholesale prices jumped Friday, while retail prices have been sliding slowly.  So, fill up as soon as possible for $3.69 if you can find it, because it looks like we’ll be back to $3.99 on Monday or Tuesday. — Ed Aboufadel

Spike likely early next week

We had a good run, but it’s looking like it’s time for another spike. Indiana and Michigan are in Spike territory, while Ohio is close, and will be there after a weekend of falling prices. I expect the price to be around $3.85, and don’t rule out a possibility of a spike today. (c) 2017 Frontier Theme