Hurricane Sandy

Comment on the October 21 prediction:  Unless you lived in Indiana, or will count Saturday as a part of “next week”, the prediction was WRONG.

Monday, October 29, 11:00AM:  Hurricane Sandy is serious, and they are predicting high winds in the Midwest, but nothing like what they may face on the coast with storm surges from the ocean.  We need to worry about price surges for gasoline, though.  Recent history of gas prices and hurricanes has not been pretty, especially when the refineries on the gulf coast are threatened.  We don’t have that issue this time, but that doesn’t mean we won’t get some sort of unwelcome price hike this week.  On the other hand, we’ve seen after these events that prices can drop dramatically, too.  So, of course no prediction right now.  Be prepared for $4 gas, or $3 gas. — Ed Aboufadel

Updated: October 29, 2012 — 10:54 am


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  1. I filled up today for $3.22 with a lot of others. The numbers say the storm could impact over 50 million people. I wouldn’t be surprised if increased demand plays a big factor in any spike we see this week.

  2. Its frustrating when the talking heads use the East Coast refineries closing, as an excuse for a spike in Michigan (30-37 cents depending on where you were), when none of the gas comes from that region.

  3. Gas prices in Rockford today range from $3.34 to $3.53 – – Belding Road never raised their prices, but everybody else did. Today’s picks for me to get gas (were I to need it today and the areas I will be in) would be Meijer on Plainfield @ $3.40 (then a 10 cent discount w/Meijer card) or Cedar Springs @ $3.41 (then a 10 cent discount w/Meijer card. Rockford isn’t that big of a town, interesting there is a 20 cent swing.

  4. I hear ya Sam. We have a 42-cent Swing in Cincy right now.
    Before Greedway spiked on Saturday, it was a 96-cent spread. A few stations actually had to come DOWN 40 cents to get to the new spike price.

  5. Chris – I don’t know sizes of town comparisons, but I would guess Cincy is more like Grand Rapids [bigger]. Rockford, Michigan is a TEENY, TINY little town. Downtown is like 3 blocks long is all. What you’re experiencing – – just plain crazy!

  6. Cincy metro area population is 290k(as of 2010).
    There were a couple stations at $3.89 before the jump/drop(in their case) to $3.45 over the weekend. At the same time, we had stations in the low $2.90s. Luckily I filled up both cars for a wonderful $2.95 on Saturday, just as Greedway was starting to jump.
    Cheapest now is $3.17(most of the ones under $3 pre-spike are now at $3.20 or below).

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