Price Hike Thursday It Appears

Comment on the August 19 prediction:  No hike so far this week, and prices dropping slowly up surely.  An unimpressive CORRECT.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012, 6:40PM:  Wholesale prices jumped 6 cents today, UGA is the highest it has been since before the recession started, while retail prices have continued to slide.  That means price hike tomorrow.  Estimated new price:  $3.89.  — Ed Aboufadel

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10 comments on “Price Hike Thursday It Appears
  1. Tireman says:

    $3.95 MI

  2. ChrisDG74 says:

    New Ohio price $3.859.
    Paid $3.569 at 7am.

  3. Jim says:

    Looks like 3.95 for west michigan starting today.

  4. David says:

    East Michigan is at different pricing, I see $3.85 and $3.99 in different areas today.

  5. Turbo46032 says:

    And it goes without saying that we’ll likely NOT see a gradual price drop from the spike next week and will likely see another spike just in time for Labor Day…. Let’s see if crude cracks the $100 point by next week.

  6. ChrisDG74 says:

    NYH up 10 cents already. Greedway will jump Monday or Tuesday.

  7. Lee Green says:

    Why is the Spike Line so spotty in being updated daily?

  8. Bill Eby says:

    Sorry about that, Lee. I’ve been busy lately. See my following post as to the reason why:

    I will do what I can to keep up on it, however… when she lets me.

  9. Andrew says:

    Hmmm, are going to see gas jump past the $3.999 mark Tuesday? Since the Chicago spot is up 32 cents because of Hurricane Isaac.

  10. ChrisDG74 says:

    Time for Speedway to break out the 4’s.
    Wholesale at $3.40?
    We’re all going over $4 today. Ohio MIGHT slide by at $3.999(for now).

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