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  1. ChrisDG74, Cincinnati, OH

    Greedway spike just happened(in Ohio anyway). $3.999 is the memo price. I paid $3.689 4 hours ago.
    Gouge, gouge, gouge!

  2. It’s $4.15 in Indiana. Nationally the price is going down, I’m waiting for the Chicago midday report to see where that’s headed.

  3. Midday is out, it’s up another 5 cents. It has been sold at a 43-50 cent premium over the national price. Hopefully there is a turnaround.

  4. last week it was a refinery issue

    this week a pipeline issue

    what is it next week?

  5. Gas in East Tennessee is at $3.49.

  6. Next week it’s a squirrel again, I think it is its turn in the rotation 🙂

  7. Diether Haenicke

    When I think of oil/gasoline pipeline breaks affecting Michigan, it seems like they have always occured in the summer. I searched this site for articles containing the word pipeline. Without reading what the articles were about, all of the articles containing that word occured in the following months:

    May – 4 times
    Jun – 2
    Jul – –
    Aug – 8
    Sep – 8

    While not all those articles talk about a regional pipeline break, it is clear there either have not been any pipeline breaks/distruptions between September and May or there have been no blog posts about them. There was one article containing the word pipeline that was written in March. I read that article and it had nothing to do with pipeline breaks.

    Is there a production reason why pipeline breaks are more common in the summer? Do pipelines break more during the summer months because the pipelines and/or product running through them are warmer? Do pipelines break more during the summer months because there is more product flowing through them? Is there a conspiracy to reduce supply during summer months to get even higher prices?

    It would be nice to have a list of all the pipeline breaks since 2000 and confirm that indeed all of them have happened when prices are seasonally the highest.

    You’d think some state or federal agency might have records of pipeline breaks.

    For the moment, Michigan metro areas have the third through seventh highest average prices in the nation, with Anchorage, Alaska at 8th and Honolulu, Hawaii at 45th.

  8. Well it’s too darn cold in the winter to inspect them, so they wait till the snow clears. As good of an explanation as most.

    Last month did have record contracts at the CME in RBOB GAS…

  9. Probably just like fiber cuts that telecommunication companies face….more backhoes/construction equipment are in operation when the ground in not frozen. And the backhoes/construction equipment is NOT the pipeline operators, but somebody else doing construction near by.

  10. I heard the pipe was fixed as of yesterday 6/5/11. So we should see a 20-30 cent break?

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