Patrick is right: looks like a price hike on Friday

Comment on the June 18 prediction:  Prices rose to $4.15 last Thursday, as predicted.  CORRECT.

Thursday, June 26, 2008, 3:15 PM:  Because it seems like retailers’ margins are tight, or there is some sort of Chicago Summer Discount going on that isn’t reflected in the AXXIS prices, I’ve been trying to keep my tank close to full, at least when I can get gas for less than $4.09.  Prices have not been hiked, though, in a week.  But today’s ugliness in New York — oil and gasoline up, up, up, while the stock market is down, down, down — strongly suggests a hike tomorrow, probably to a new record price.  Patrick posted this first, and I think he is right.


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  1. We didn’t get the full benefit of the 7 cent drop in the market last night (only 3 cents). But, I bet we get the full 12 cent increase tonight (funny how that works).

    Our cost is right around $3.90, so $4.25 seems VERY likely tomorrow.

    Keep your finger’s crossed that Joe Liberman’s proposal to ban large investment firms from the future’s market, gains intrest in Congress. I would guess that within 30 days of it going into effect, it would cause crude oil to drop $50-$60 a barrel and gas around $1 per gallon.

  2. EVERYONE knows that gas prices goes up towards the weekend AND just before the holiday time…notice just before July 4th, they will go up.

    Also, I would like to know why noone is questioning the govenment about the part that was make with the carborator part that got over 100 mile per gallons.

    The oil companies dont want this to happen that is why they bought this part so we would have to keep on purchasing their gas. The government is also behind this and working with the oil companies.

    There are reports about this. However, noone wants to investigate into this.

    I think that reporters are feared to do this.

    You cannot tell me that in this day and age that not ONE person has come up with an invention car part to make you get more miles for your money. (they did, but again, oil companies, government and General Motors) dont want you to have this, so it is a BIG cover up.

    Why don’t someone look into this further??

    Why do we have to be at their mercy??!!??

  3. Marie2, here is that 100mpg carb myth BUSTED.

    If there was indeed a way to attain 100mpg today, don’t you think the Big Three would be using it to bolster their sales?

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