Benchmark backs off to $3.69

My Indiana benchmark has dropped four cents since my last writing, down to $3.69. Is there some reason their wholesale costs are that much higher than Grand Rapids? The station in question in Indiana is definitely a high volume station, so their wholesale costs would be more appropriate to benchmark against compared to a smaller Indiana retailer, but as I said, we still average a good dime and change over their pricing.

Either they will drop again or we’ll see a rise here in the next couple days…

Stay tuned to WOODTV8 tonight at 5 to hear more, as well as WOODAM1300 tomorrow morning as prices continue to break record highs.


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  1. Wholesale prices here went up another 3 cents last night.

    Why does this site need the most overly complicated verifacation program? Did you really have that big of a problem with automated posts? On this one I have what I believe is a W with half of it covered by a D which makes it look like a V (which it still might be). Most of the sites that have images that our this bad normally give you the option for a new image if you can’t read it.

    I always copy my post before I submit, because I’ve lost a few before.

  2. Sorry, retailer. As for your question, without the “difficult” setting on our comment posting, I receive about 1,500 spam comments per *day*…

    I’m very sorry its that way, but otherwise I’d be spending hours everyday deleting spam comments.

  3. Well, that is an insane amount and I don’t blame you. It’s a shame that people are willing to work so hard to make software that is so annoying.

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