I hereby state that the 2007 hurricane season is done

With absolutely no meteorological reasoning, I declare the end to the 2007 hurricane season. Now- the “official” hurricane season runs until November 30, but with the current conditions unfavorable for hurricane development, I should say that the 2007 saw no major hurricanes hit the U.S. (in terms of catastrophic damage) yet oil prices are at the highest level ever recorded, along with the highest prices ever on record for diesel fuel.

Here is a Winter prediction: we’ll see gasoline prices remain high until a week or two after we get the first 35″ of snow for the 07/08 season, or until we have at least 6″ of snow on the ground. What’s behind this reasoning? Well, we likely won’t see this happen until January or February, and most refiners should be well out of maintenance by then, easing the demand crunch behind gasoline (and especially diesel) and things should calm down overseas.

Until then, hold on- things will continue to be rough, and we COULD see retail diesel in the Grand Rapids area hit $4/gallon.

Who’s ready for winter? I sure am! Let it snow!

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