Thanks to BP, let the price hikes begin! $3.59 tomorrow? $4 soon?

Thanks to BP it looks like we’re going to be seeing huge increases again in the Midwest.

For those who reside in Grand Rapids, be sure to tune in tomorrow morning at 8:30am to WOOD AM RADIO 1300 for an interview on gasoline prices.

Prices at my benchmark station in Burns Harbor have risen from $3.14
this morning to $3.38 this afternoon.

Not much new information right now, but this BP refinery is, as I’ve said, the largest in the Midwest.

Everyone in the Midwest will be effected, possibly the entire nation. Prices will continue to climb OUTSIDE the Midwest, but look for Midwest (Michigan/Minnesota/Indiana/Ohio/Illinois) to skyrocket quickly.

Today here in Grand Rapids, Speedway hiked to 3.39, but I am now thinking that a re-hike to $3.59 is likely tomorrow!


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  1. I made the mistake of trying to reset my password after I couldn’t remember it when I tried to post from home on Monday night. I still haven’t recieved a new password, so I had to make a new username.

    Monday night we had a 20 cent increase, Tuesday night we had a 9 cent increase, Wednesday morning we got a notice that they dropped the price 6 cents effective Tuesday night, Wednesday night we had an 18 cent drop. So, cost is now down to around $3.10.

    Anyone that got a delivery between Monday night and Wednesday night is going to get screwed, because retail prices will probabally crash back down before they can sell through much of their inventory.

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