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  1. Is it possible to extend your polls with our comments?

    I chase the lowest prices for gasoline, whoever may have it. I’ll avoid a station is if I am uncertain of their quality or if they are actively refueling themselves.

    In general, I feel that chasing the lowest prices encourages competition to keep prices continually low. Only monopolies or price collusion can exploit a free market. I have to rely on my government to ensure that they do not occur. What a vulnerable feeling that is.

    With all the discounts in effect, Speedway is usually the lowest price in the burbs of Detroit.

    $49 buys me a $50 card, and earns $1.96 in cash-back rewards on my Speedway MasterCard, plus it accumulates around 550 speedy points, which is 550 of the 17,500 points needed for a $25 gas card, and has an effective value of about 79 cents. (49.00 – 1.96 – 0.79 = 46.25, or a 7.5% discount)

    Saving 7.5% on a gallon of $3.25 gasoline gets you 24.3 cents, plus the 5 cent price rollback currently in effect means that the Speedway gas costs 29.3 cents less than what you see on the marquis. It’s hard to beat that.

    I’m not actually a Speedway fan, but I am a fan of discounts.

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