April 1

Hello everyone! I thought I’d give you a few days notice on the next
predicted rise. I am predicting around $2.399 for EARLY next week.
Most likely we are going to see a RARE Monday rise (TWO in a row!). I
believe we’ll see the rise Monday because any stations that are
replenishing their tanks soon will be hit with the new price. On a
personal note, remember I predicted the following trend way back on
March 17:
Quote: “I’m looking for crude to hit $60/barrel before it subsides.
Looking for retail gas prices to hit 1.70 (pump prices of 2.39)”
Post was on 3/17/05
Unfortunately, I was right on the gasoline, and I think we’ll hover
around 2.39 for a short period. The shameful people at Goldman Sachs
have predicted we are in a “super-spike” price time, driving prices to
a new high- just beccause that news. Meaning, they’ve
predicted in the next few years that prices will reach upto
$105/barrel. In my opinion, that is simply untrue. I do believe it
will get worse before it gets better. I have been in contact with a
few people in varying media businesses wondering about how I figure
this all out, but hey, its all just a mystery 😉

Have a good weekend- Go fill up Sunday
Gas Price Rise Warning:
Monday, April 4
Prices Estimated to go up to: $2.39
Current market price: $1.73/gal

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